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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We've Lost Georgetown to the Bridge and Tunnel Set

It's been a busy week.

1. The subpoena is officially in hand. A lawyer will soon be winging his way from South Florida to depose my Significant Other. Should be a riot. He's already practicing his "I can't recalls." You learn so much from watching C-SPAN. Of course in S.O.'s case, he's not fudging — he really can't recall because he has the worst memory ever.

2. We made the arduous trip out to RFK Friday night for the Nats-Os game. I say "arduous," because what else would explain away the roughly 1/3 of seats that were empty on the opening night of a cross-town rival series in a town that, you might recall, was quite vocal about wanting baseball back after lo those many decades? And for those of you muttering "two crappy baseball teams" while reading this, well then fine, be that way.

3. Georgetown Saturday night for a movie. Riddle me this: when did Georgetown become totally tacky, like beyond all hope? Seriously, it looked like the Jersey Shore down there. I'll take the ribbon belted-brunch crowds (of which I am happily a member) any day over the stuff I saw oozing out of parking lots on Saturday night.


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