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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chapter 1: I Am Born. Then I Get Handed a Subpoena.

Today's breakfast consisted of granola and 2% milk, the newspaper, and a healthy heaping of oddity. 2% because they were out of skim. The newspaper because it's the most important meal of the day. The oddity because there was a slimy looking gent downstairs waiting to serve my Significant Other a subpoena.

Introduction: I live in a c. 1910 co-op on a delightful tree-lined street in Northwest, purchased just a few months ago. I am in possession of one big fluffy Arctic-looking dog and one big non-Arctic-looking S.O. We're both writers. He for a newspaper, I for a magazine.

It was his previous job as a reporter in another state that brought the gent with the subpoena to our doorstep. It seems the paper is being sued by some crankypants and he and another reporter face deposition. It's really a bit of a tempest in a teapot, but still, it's always fun to start a day feeling like they're filming Law&Order on your front walkway.

I calmly ate my granola with 2% while he went downstairs to deal with the matter. Alas, our visitor was already gone, leaving a piece of paper taped to our mailbox that announced loudly that he'd been there to serve legal papers.

I'm sure the neighbors in my somewhat stodgy building are falling over themselves to figure out what's going on.
This is going to be fun....

PS-The "brunch" portion of the moniker is to honor the meal that so deftly welcomes poached eggs and crabcakes to the same plate, and in doing so, sets itself above all the rest. The "bird" is because I still find the use of the word "bird" funnier than dame/gal/lady/woman/et. al. (And I figured I'd have two surly young gents and a strawberry blond on my doorstep with billy clubs if I called it "Brunchette.")


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