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Sunday, February 18, 2007

That's How I Roll

Blogroll renovation can be fraught with peril. An addition can incite sniffs of boredom or derision. A deletion can raise eyebrows. (Someone wrote me once joking that I, like some banana republic dictator, had "disappeared" someone from the roll. But the only reason I've ever taken the eraser to the list is when someone says they're going to stop blogging. I don't like loose ends, so off they go.) In any case, I've finally added some new links.

Outta Mind Outta Site--She's a sly boots. And yells at cabdrivers when they're engaging in unlawful shenannigans.

Deglazed--Who wants writing about the creation of a stuffed calamari dish and a cogent argument for why Rachel Ray is a total buffoon? I do! I do!

A Portable Snack--Within about 15 seconds of launching his blog in December, he was turning in quality product. I'm pea green with envy.

Throwing Hammers--This is going to sound like I'm saying "You know what's a great TV show? Seinfeld!" Really it's just that I'm finally filing the paperwork on this one and getting it on the roll.

Dealing in Subterfuges--When you're named after one of the more interesting female supporting characters in modern literature and your blog references ninja llamas, you're batting 1.000 with me.

VKs Empire of Dirt--I've been asked before why he's not on my blogroll and my response is always the same: "Because people in their 60s, namely my parents and my Significant Other's parents and his family, read this blog, and I'd love to not give any of them the impression that I endorse anime suppuku. And because I've got enough to chat with them about over holiday dinners without having to explain what a t********* is." However, VK's Feb. 15 post was (in addition to being decidely ironic considering the reason I've been keeping him off the roll), on the whole, pretty funny. So his eyebrow raising, sometimes NC-17-rated blog goes onto the roll with the disclaimer that I am not in any way responsible for his content.


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