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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

While Brunch Bird's Away...The Blogsitter Checks In

Editor's Note: I'm blissfully up to my ears in barbecue sauce and out in Austin for the next week so I have asked brand new blogger and longtime smarty pants Static Cling to blogsit for me. I'll still be posting most days, but he'll be stopping by from time to time to make sure you reprobates aren't drinking everything in my liquor cabinet and getting Cheetoh gunk on my furniture.

The Bird is fond of her regular Friday feature highlighting items that can only be the product a shamelessly consuming society, and that would likely provoke the wrath of your run-of-the-mill, roll-back-the-clock murderous Islamic zealot. They are, of course, quite amusing.

As Thanksgiving approaches (it's tomorrow, FYI, for those of you who demand specificity) newspapers and television news programs will be going through the motions on holiday stories for the next couple days ("When pumas attack--what you need to know before you head to the airport. Tonight at 11," etc.) One of these will invariably involve the most gluttonous concoction these eyes have ever seen and its rise in popular culture: the turducken. If you are that guy who doesn't know what it is, a turducken is a chicken stuffed inside a duck which is then stuffed inside a turkey. All are deboned before cooking, so as to render the fowl more flexible and edible.

The Wikipedia page describing the outlandish dish describes it as "uniquely American," and it would be hard to argue such an assertion by concept alone. Only a nation this great would say, "Hey, a chicken's pretty good. So is a turkey. And I sure like duck. What if I stuffed them all inside one another and then consumed the whole heart-stopping mess?!" The Wiki entry goes on to describe variations on the theme, including the turduckencorpheail, which inserts a quail into a pheasant, which are inserted into a cornish game hen and then stuffed into the aforementioned turducken. And finally, there is apparently one involving an ostrich. The details of that you can find for yourself.


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