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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Blogsitter Provides a Bit of History to Start This Auspicious Day

Editor's Note: While I'm out in Texas mulling the purchase of several oil wells, I've asked brand new Southern blogger Static Cling to check in on the blog from time to time. I'll be checking in a bit later with what will no doubt be the 942nd "Why I'm Thankful" blog posting on DCBlogs.

The History Channel last weekend aired a program about the Pilgrims and their settlement in America. I lived outside of Boston as a child, and I remember visiting Plymouth Plantation, where the 102 religious separatists made their home and where only 47 lived through their first winter. They struggled to grow food and feared the native population. They hoped that, by some act of Providence, they would survive. When they did, they gave thanks to God and celebrated with the Wampanoag in a grand day of feasting. They were grateful for enduring the hardships of their new land and for the basic means that allowed them to do so.

I will not be with family today, as I plan to finish up some work and head to the Virginia Tech-Virginia game on Saturday. And I will not be eating anything so gastronomically damaging at the turducken either. Instead, I will be thinking of the courage and bravery of those who made the dangerous trip across the stormy Atlantic and who survived against the odds. Like them, I will express my gratitude for all that have in a simple, basic way that seems, to me, uniquely American.
--Static Cling
Blogsitter, General Raconteur


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