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Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Just Not a Party 'Til the Toilet Explodes and the Dog Pees on the Rug

The picture above is exactly what the Significant Other's party would have looked like if Monet had made it past our co-op's security system Saturday night. Or, if you were a guest that night, because I'm thinking that some of you were a tad on the tips side. Just sayin'....Anyhoo, in this pic he's making a very funny little speech welcoming our old friends from West Palm Beach and their "replacements" in D.C. I am looking on like the doting girlfriend, but really I'm thinking "This building went up in 1910. How many more people can come in before we're really testing the integrity of the subflooring?" No, seriously, it was touching to see how many hordes of people boarded planes, trains and packmules to be there.

A few notes;
* Both events mentioned in the title did actually happen. For the former, I tried to maintain an arm's length distance from the disaster ensuing in the powder room, but the trio of a blogger, a finance diva, and the birthday boy managed to get the thing back under control. For the latter, in her defense, she was so jacked up on purloined Swedish meatballs and spring rolls that it was kind of bound to happen.
* I'm a vegetarian, but apparently those meatballs my father made (yeah, the 'rents were partying it up with everyone, because that's how they roll) were so amazing as to require the use of expletives to describe them.
* The Fort Knox-like entry system at our place, and the failure to hear ringing phones in all the noise, might have caused problems with those trying to gain entry. A thousand apologies. Next time, do what the man of the house did one night: throw a rock through the bedroom window. (If only I were joking.)
* When a guest shows up with a fancy-shmancy wine gift bag and you open it to find not wine, but a big, shiny new bottle of Wild Turkey, you know that that guest has known you a long time and that she is awesome.
* Lots of drinks + lots of fun people + cops being unable to get upstairs to tell us to tone it down even if they wanted to = phenomenal night. Thank you to all who helped send him into 40 in style.

A note appeared on our building's Yahoo listserv today asking who was responsible for putting a flattened, oversized bakery cake box and a pile of flattened mini-quiche and pigs-in-a-blanket boxes in the cardboard recycling. (Apparently food boxes can't go in recycling even if the entire product was wrapped.) An email of admonishment on the listserv for a building with only 16 units in it where everybody knows each other? Recycling Avenger, do you think maybe you could have just sent an email directly to the person WHO PUT A NOTE ON THE LISTSERV LAST WEEK GIVING A HEADS UP THAT SHE WAS HAVING ABOUT 50 PEOPLE IN THE BUILDING THAT WEEKEND FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY?!


Blogger I-66 said...

I suppose it could've been worse.

The dog could've exploded and the toilet could've peed on the rug.

Happy 40th to the boyfriend.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That party looks spectacular! I'm so massively bummed that I missed it. :( Especially because I really love Monet...and meatballs.

6:00 PM  
Blogger WiB said...

Dammit, I-66 beat me to it.

Truth be told, the toilet did in fact pee on the floor. But the dog stayed in one piece, which is the really important thing.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Brunch Bird said...

Alej- We missed you, too. Especially the guys who've seen your picture. ;-) Definitely have to meet up at something before you move!

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol That's great... I really do want to meet you in "real life" before I leave. Actually, if you're interested and don't have plans, I'm having a bunch of people over for wine and tapas tomorrow night. (Actually it's more of a eat up the groceries and drink up the liquor cabinet kind of an affair) I'll e-mail you the info... S.O.s are invited, natch. (I can't believe i just used the word "natch.")

2:26 PM  

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