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Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Should we answer that?" "Nah, f**k 'em."

By now, word has gotten out that the company hired by the D.C. Board of Elections to print the sample ballots kicked it wide right, as it were and printed incorrect precinct locations on the ballots, thus ensuring Election Day confusion.

Well now the Board seems not so determined to help clean up the mess. Its website offers a three-sentence mea culpa and the office phone number for folks to call and straighten out where they're supposed to go vote Tuesday. So yesterday I called that number, 202-727-2525, expecting to get a frazzled, but ready to help city employee. Instead I got an answering machine message with a woman's voice saying no one was available and in no way indicating that I'd reached the board office. It was as if I'd called my Aunt Hildy and found her off to tea. I tried again today. No answer, and this time, no machine. I let it ring about 20 times and gave up.

Here's the thing D.C. officials: If you want the vote, act like you can handle the vote.


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