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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Owww My Knees...

Yesterday's National Press Club 5K wasn't what I expected. I'd hoped to be velcroing up my Zips next to Nora O'Donnell or Helen Thomas ('cuz I totally could have smoked those chicks.) But alas, the only face in the crowd of about 600 that I even recognized was Jeff Gannon. I always seem to be at the same events or restaurants with him, and this time did little to dissuade me that the guy's more than a little odd. Not many other participants had a cell phone attached to their running pants. My significant other also couldn't help snarking that Gannon's credentials probably didn't warrant his participation in a National Press Club event.

And to the girl who crossed the finish line behind me and then tried to cut me off in the chute: nice try. Tomorrow, when the results are posted, the name right behind the Bird's at just under the 28:00 minute mark? She's a big fat cheater. But you know what Big Fat Cheater? Nobody cuts me off. I'm scrappy.


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