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Friday, September 15, 2006

Observations On a Layover

*They've found a way to make paying $2 for a bottle of water more loathsome. Now you have to chug it like you're at a frat party any time you get near security or a gate.

*The Detroit airport is quite possibly the coolest ever. They have this crazyass quarter-mile-long tunnel connecting terminals that features changing washes of colored lights and ambient techno music. Conditioned by D.C., I expected to have to pay $14 for a cocktail to walk through it.

*People in Flint are relentlessly friendly. This is especially ironic considering that their economy is almost entirely collapsed. Showing visitors the city consists largely of driving them around and pointing out where stuff used to be. "That used to be a factory that employed 12,000. Now it's a wig shop. That's where city hall used to be. They sold it for scrap metal." Seriously though, they're really ridiculously nice. And not that Southern nice where they fill you up with cornbread and honey and hugs and then the minute you leave town they're all "Bless 'er heart, she's as slutty as a Hilton and dumber than a tree stump."

So consider Flint for your next vacation, honeymoon, or bar mitzvah. They need the dues.

Update: OMG, the Detroit airport just got even better. They have a stand that sells just peanut butter sandwiches. Like 15 types. I'm now eating peanut butter and Fluff. (This being health-conscious Detroit, I had the option of having bacon on it. I'm not even kidding.) I'm seriously thinking of going Eloise and moving to the airport.


Anonymous etcetera said...

"going Eloise" - awesome.

sorry i've been AWOL. see you tomorrow?

2:42 AM  
Blogger Brunch Bird said...

Etc.- I was worried. No dice on tonight. I wanted to go but I'm off to NYC this evening for the weekend. Save the evening of Oct. 14 as a date though. Details to follow.

5:56 PM  

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