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Friday, September 29, 2006

It's "Why the Terrorists Hate Us Friday"!

Item: Faux Fireflies Jar
Catalogue: Signals
Cost: $17.95
This week I learned that if I went out and caught fireflies in a jar this summer that I was a total jerkwad. Because here's what the folks at Signals tell me about this product: As a child, your conscience never even blinked when you captured dozens of fireflies. We offer this humane-but no less captivating-alternative. That's right, this isn't about selling you a jar with fake bugs in it. It's about being humane. You know who should purchase this product? The set decorator for the Plotzville High School production of "Our Town." You know who shouldn't? Everyone else.

P.S.-Forgot to do this for last week's inaugural edition, but I want to give a nod to VP of Dior whose Friday Boobies feature inspired this one.


Anonymous Sweet said...

Oh lord. People are nuts.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Daddy - O said...

Great! I'm going to get one and place it right next to the pile of "Pet Rocks" that I bought some time ago - - NOT!

3:58 PM  
Blogger WiB said...

What do you get for the person who has everything?

Fake fireflies.

4:57 PM  
Blogger VP of Dior said...

thank you for the shoutout. maybe you could blend the two and feature silicone boobies.

and i think this is an awesome weekly topic. america has sooo many things in its culture that is plain wrong

11:42 PM  

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