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Friday, September 29, 2006

Cong. Foley's Staff: We Are Confident We Can Outstupid Sen. Allen's Campaign Staff

So, there's some question today over whether Cong. Mark Foley has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle with a former, 16-year-old page. But it's not even Foley's alleged NSFCongressionalW emails that have me snickering the most. It's his staff's crackerjack explanation:

Foley's office says it is their policy to keep pictures of former interns and anyone who may ask for a recommendation on file so they can remember them.

Mahuh. Yeah.

(Side gossip: An unimpeachable source of mine dined with one of Tom DeLay's top staffers down in Palm Beach a few years back and he stated point blank that there was "concern" because Foley had been drifting to younger and younger men.)

Anyway, so there's nothing to see here folks. Congressional staffs always keep books of teenage boys and girls' photos laying around like some taxpayer-funded Facebook. Strictly for record-keeping purposes.


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