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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often

So over at FishbowlDC, Patrick Gavin's got his 2006 Hottest Media Types nominees up. Feel free to follow along while we're chatting.

Now, I'm not one to try to influence a vote, but I have to say that one of my good friends, Dave, introduced me recently to his good friend, Off-Air Hottie nominee Ylan Mui of the WaPo, and we all hung out for a while. In that time, I found her to have not one ounce of pretention, despite the fact that she's: got a great job, is not unattractive, and has a nice fiance. In fact, she seemed like the type that might be kinda mortified that she's ended up in this contest.

To all '06 Media Hottie nominees, I salute you. I'll tamp down my twinges of envy (and if you're an un-nominated media person slagging the people on this list while claiming you're not envious, then I'm calling bullshit on that) and say "Good for you(r parents having good genes)!"

UPDATE: A source tells me that things are getting nasty in this thing and feelings are getting hurt. (I wish you could infer this as a gender-neutral assessment on the source's part, but you know he's talking about the female side of this contest.) I reiterate people: Embrace it when your fellow D.C. ladies land on lists like this. You know you would totally want to be on one, and if Ronald Reagan taught us nothing else he taught us that a rising tide lifts all boats.


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