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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacation Day 4 Recap

*Slept in.
*Slept in some more.
*Met my uncle, who lives here, for lunch. He's a psych professor at UNCW, a documentarian, and a Henry Miller scholar. As such, chats with him are never boring. Today's topics included his new film project, the "bullshit" war in Iraq, and the verbal smackdown he gave columnist Richard Cohen some years back when Cohen penned an anti-Miller column immediately after the writer's death that had glaringly innacurate assertions. Cohen's response to my uncle upon realizing he had incorrectly painted Miller as something of a rape advocate: "So shoot me."
*Motored into downtown Wilmington and spent the afternoon walking the same streets that Dawson, Pacey, and Joey once trod. Purchased: one new denim mini skirt, one used copy of The Big Lebowski, and one ice cream cone. Sudden storm forced me to hightail it to car for ice cream consumption and Billie Holiday listening.
*Saw "World Trade Center." It pissed me off anew at what was done on Sept. 11. Knowing that conservatives are going to beat like a cheap drum the emotions it--and everything else coming up in the next month before the 5-year mark--pissed me off further.
*Ate steamed king crab legs and drink a couple Sam Adams summer ales on the deck overlooking the ocean.
*Braved high winds to walk down to beach and take in full moon which was glowing bright orange.
*Onset of the final storm of the night chased me up to the house, where I fell asleep listening to the rain on the roof.


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