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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Their God Would Have Demanded Script Approval

During last night's "Talladega Nights" viewing I sat next to a family helmed by a middle-aged couple. The dad was directly next to me and his wife on the other side of him. (Spoiler alert by the way.) So every time Sacha Baron Cohen's gay race car driving character kisses Will Ferrell the guy turns to his wife in a huff, at one point saying "That's uncalled for." She dutifully reciprocates with a head shake and eyeroll. So let me get this straight--a little boy in the movie telling his grandfather to "shut the hell up," that's hilarious? But two men kissing is bad family values? Oh and by the way Reverend, you were at a WILL FERRELL MOVIE. He spent a quarter of the damn movie running around in tightie whities. 'Course you closed your eyes during those scenes right? Because looking would have been gay.


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