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Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine...

Day 1 recap:
* Early morning run. Stopped to check out a tree planted in the park on the island in honor of my grandparents who used to live here. Got a little misty. Realized we have to ask them to get a new sign for it since it now says "Helen and Fran" not "Frank." Which could give impression I either had very Irish grandparents or two grandmas.
* Church at the the beach chapel with Elisa my sorority sister who's joining me for a few days. Catholicism's fine on its own but served up with salty air and flip-flops it's even better.
*Beach for entire day. Proud to say I only have a burn on part of my back.
*Dockside drinks and then late dinner (shrimp and grits) and more drinks with the always delightful Andy who is Elisa's ex. Seriously if they were ever to award a "Nicest Southern Gentlemanliest Cutie Award" Andy's got it in the bag.
*Liberal aloe application.


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