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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

She's Going to L.A., and She'll Have My Shopping List

My sister-in-law is off to L.A. at the end of the week for the Emmys, because she has the kind of job where the week might end with a flight to L.A. for the Emmys, not drinking beer from a semi-clean pint glass at Post Pub. She'll be rubbing elbows with the stahz at the nominees' luncheon, the awards, and then the Governor's Ball. Thinking always about the most important thing: myself, I'll be providing her with my Emmy-Nominated Top 5 List. She'll have to serve as my proxy. I'm sure my brother will understand. It won't be as good as bagging the kill myself, but it'll have to do.

My Emmy-nominated Top 5:
Will Arnett
John Stewart
Steve Carell
Sacha Baron Cohen
and for her Extras guest spot nomination alone, Kate Winslet. (Don't judge.)


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