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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Days, umm, I've lost track, Vacation Recap

Highlights from the last two days:
*Rented a kayak and paddled the Intracoastal for a few hours early Thursday morning. Am asked for the fourth time on this trip if I'm waiting on someone else. A woman vacationing alone is a bit of an unsettling oddity apparently.
*Joined my uncle and his wife for dinner that night. He told me about last year when he hung out in Big Sur with Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson thanks to a mutual friend. Punchline involved Lou Reed emerging from his lodge/cabin one morning in nothing but a Speedo. Which prompts me to ask my uncle if Lou Reed is still clean. Story evidence aside, he says yes.
*Friday morning made the golf outing rhapsodized about below.
*Saw "Clerks II." It reeked. I loved the first one. This one was further evidence that Kevin Smith hasn't made anything worth talking about since.
*Stop into a surf shop in search of comfy T-shirts. Guy working there strikes up conversation with me in which I mention that I'm doing a solo vacation. He looks at me square in the eye and with deadly solemnity-meets-surfer patois, says "Right on. That sounds totally awesome." So Moondoggie's the first one who gets it and I head home content.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"nothing worth talking about since"? While I admit Kevin Smith's recent output is subpar in the same way that three week old milk is subpar but Chasing Amy and Dogma are both worth conversations. Mallrats even has a joke that involoves Shannen Dourghty's face and fart. And really there is nothing better then a good fart joke.
Big Brother

2:08 AM  
Blogger Brunch Bird said...

Chasing Amy and Dogma are the epitome, I repeat, the epitome, of subpar production. I will though, good sir, concede your toot joke point. (I can't even write the word, fa...well, you know what I mean.)

5:31 PM  

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