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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day 2 Recap

*Cinnamon raisin French toast at Causeway Cafe.
*Beach for a few hours with Elisa. Highlights include yelling "tramp stamp!" to each other every time we spotted a small o' the back tattoo, watching the adorable little girl next to us sit in a hole giggling and patting the surrounding sand like she'd just gotten her PhD in purposeful sand patting, introducing Elisa to the sublime wonder that is a BrunchBird peanut butter and honey sandwich.
*Sniffly hugs goodbye to Elisa. "It's just like 'Beaches'" she says, "You're Bette Midler and I'm Barbara Hershey." "That means you get cancer," I point out. She gives me a look that the poor thing perfected when we roomed together junior year.
*Peanuts and Sierra Nevada on the deck while watching people straggle off the beach for the day. I mull whether I prefer late afternoon/dusky beach lighting over sunrise beach lighting. Table making a decision until further study during the week.
*Catch "Talladega Nights" at the local Amalgamated Googelplex. Laugh until Junior Mints come out my nose. In 6 months, frat boys will be saying "If you don't chew Big Red gum, f*** you" instead of "Give her two tickets to the gun show."
Sidenote: based on the trailer and the reaction it garnered, take your life savings and invest it in "Borat the Movie" stock.
*End evening with quick stop at Barnes and Noble to purchase new issue of The Economist for beach reading tomorrow. And by that I of course mean I'm on vacation and I bought InStyle.


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