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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The WaPo Needs to Get Out More

A signicant chunk of real estate on the Post's Metro front yesterday went to five photos of people accompanied by a few paragraphs about what Washingtonians were wearing to beat the heat. I believe the word "sizzling" was invoked. At least three of those five photos were taken within about two blocks of the Post building. The other two had generic enough backgrounds that it would be impossible to say. So I'm wondering why they don't just say "Here's what three people near L and 15th were wearing yesterday to escape the sizzling temperatures..." Or maybe, you know, encourage the photographer to get on the metro and see how people in Northeast or Southeast were grappling with these summertime sartorial headaches. While he was out there, he might have even found an actual news story worthy of taking up a third of the Metro front.


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