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Friday, July 21, 2006

Terror at the Kennedy-Warren, Part II

I'm still on the listserv for Kennedy-Warren residents, since I lived there for a time (see post below) rubbing elbows in the elevator with such noted luminaries as P.J. O'Rourke and about 200 other people who nobody's recognized since the Nixon administration. Anyway, this is an actual paragraph from a post by a resident yesterday after the water main broke out front on Connecticut Ave.:

Hi REDACTED and KW neighbors,
First, thank you for alerting me and others about
yesterday's calamity....why didn't the DC
Chapter of the Red Cross come out with water, snacks
and a cooling truck to accommodate the aged and
families with children...

...Will we be compensated at all for these losses -
especially the food in our refrigerators?

To recap, there were 25 people evacuated from the building for the afternoon. Within two blocks of this building there are two Starbucks, bars, convenience stores, a health food store, a bagel shop, two grocery stores and an Italian deli. And this woman wants to know why the Red Cross didn't show up. (I would suggest that there are probably a couple hundred thousand folks in New Orleans who might be in line in front of her to question the Red Cross about its response times.) Oh, and yes, you read that correctly, she wonders if she's getting reimbursed for the contents of her refrigerator.

Think of the brie people. Won't someone please think of the brie?


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