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Monday, July 31, 2006

Countdown: 6 Days

Four-day work weeks. Happy home life. Got my health, and full medical/dental when I don't. When you put it all together, my life's not stressful, but heaven knows I'm excited about next week's vacation anyway. As the significant other has no vacation time yet (thank you very much crappy newspaper benefits policy) I'll just be hightailing it to Wrightsville Beach for a week. A whole beach house just for me.

The agenda:
Sunrise beach runs
French toast at Middle of the Island
Laying out without getting burned
Surf lessons
Mass seafood consumption
Sleeping in
Finally reading "100 Years of Solitude"
Sunsets on the deck with a Corona

Want to see more pics?


Blogger regs said...

So I’m totally envious of your week ahead and always of your fun DC lifestyle. Wish I could have been there for the party. Good luck with 100 years...I'm over 1/2 way through and have put it down for another alluring option. So many characters and all the names start to look/sound the same after a while. EP is coming through here on her way to meet you at the beach. Hope you girls have fun! PS- These blogs are totally addictive.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Brunch Bird said...

You should come with her and chill out at the beach with us! And yes, I could spend all day flipping between them...

10:12 PM  

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