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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hard to Believe She's Only the "Deputy" Director

It's Tuesday morning, and you know what that means. A tipster was kind enough to pass on this week's blast email from our favorite deputy director of communications for a Congressional committee. You fashion gurus, be sure to note the spelling of "Manalo Blahnik." Hell, after Sex and the City, I think even my father could spell Mr. Blahnik's name correctly by now. You politicos be sure to note that Manolo Blahnik was mentioned in an email that is supposed to be illuminating the activities of our government.

(And if one isn't enough, skip down a couple posts to last week's email from her. In her defense, the tipster says she's "early 30s and very attractive." I think "I'd do 'er," was implied and a few "heh hehs" would have been sprinkled in there too, if he'd felt inclined to write more.)
Does anyone else get these chestnuts?

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 14:30:43 -0400
Subject: Update: Hi - Congressman REDACTED (R-VA)

How was your weekend? I hope this email finds you well. Perhaps you were either a 'giver' or a 'receiver' of the annual, really bad necktie this weekend. If on the 'receiving' end, where will you decide to wear your new fashion statement? I wish there was a holiday in June that honored single women for surviving on our own. Substitute 'annual necktie' for 'yearly Manalo Blahnik' and I would proudly show off my gift at work, just like the rest of you.

Just a quick note to let you know that the business meeting scheduled for Thursday has been postponed until further notice.

Would you mind doing me a favor? J Would you let me know if you will be visiting us...
Thanks as usual! I really appreciate it!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the record, this person has a hand in controlling the flow of information from one of the most important committees in the House.

God bless America, and no place else.

9:03 PM  
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